SWFTools 是一组用来处理Flash 的swf 文件的工具包,包括:

1. 合并工具swfcombine

2. 抽取工具swfextract

3. PDF/JPEG/PNG/AVI/TTF/WAV 到SWF 的转换工具 :pdf2swf, jpeg2swf, png2swf, avi2swf, font2swf, and wav2swf|

4. 文本解析工具swfstrings

5. SWF 解析器swfdump

6. SWF 读写库rfxswflib

SWFTools 提供了一系列 将各种文件转成swf的工具:

  • font2swf.exe
  • gif2swf.exe
  • jpeg2swf.exe
  • pdf2swf.exe
  • png2swf.exe
  • wav2swf.exe


其中把pdf转成swf的工具就是pdf2swf了。在命令行中运行pdf2swf src.pdf des.swf一般能满足需求。而命令行参数可以通过pdf2swf

  • -h ,
    Print short help message and
  • -V ,
    Print version info and
  • -o ,
    –output file.swf         Direct
    output to file.swf. If file.swf contains ‘13568621′ (file13568630.swf),
    then each page指定输出的swf文件名
  • -p ,
    Convert only pages in range with range e.g. 1-20

    or 1,4,6,9-11 or


  • -P ,
    –password password       Use password for
    deciphering the pdf.指定打开pdf的密码
  • -v ,
    Be verbose. Use more than one -v for greater effect.转换时输出详细的内容
  • -z ,
    Use Flash 6 (MX) zlib compression.使用Flash 6的zlib压缩机制
  • -i ,
    Allows pdf2swf to change the draw order of the pdf. This may make the
  • -j ,
    –jpegquality quality     Set quality of embedded jpeg
    pictures to quality. 0 is worst (small), 100 is best (big). (default:85)设置转换其中的jpeg图片的质量,从0到100,默认值是85。
  • -s ,
    –set param=value         Set a SWF
    encoder specific parameter. See pdf2swf -s help for more information. 设置SWF转码时候的参数,具体参数可以用pdf2swf -s help获取
  • -w ,
    When converting pdf hyperlinks, don’t make the links open a new
    window.        设置转换后的swf打开原pdf中的连接时使用相同的窗口
  • -t ,
    Insert a stop() command in each
    page.            在每页结尾添加一个stop()命令
  • -T ,
    –flashversion num        Set Flash
    Version in the SWF header to
    num.         设置SWF所使用的flash版本号
  • -F ,
    –fontdir directory       Add directory to
    the font search
  • -b ,
    Link a standard viewer to the swf
  • -l ,
    Link a standard preloader to the swf file which will be displayed while
    the main swf is loading.     指定默认的swf加载文件,用来显示加载进程效果
  • -B ,
    –viewer filename         Link
    viewer filename to the swf file.   指定swf导航文件,作用同-b
  • -L ,
    –preloader filename      Link preloader filename
    to the swf file.      指定swf加载文件,作用同-l
  • -q ,
    Suppress normal messages. Use -qq to suppress warnings, also. 不打印普通信息,用-qq就不打印警告信息。
  • -S ,
    Don’t use SWF Fonts, but store everything as shape. 不使用字体,所有都转为形状。
  • -f ,
    Store full fonts in SWF. (Don’t reduce to used characters). 在swf中保存全部字体。
  • -G ,
    Remove as many clip layers from file as possible. 在文件中尽量去除影片层,合并它们
  • -I ,
    Don’t do actual conversion, just display a list of all pages in the PDF. 不做实际转换,仅显示PDF的信息。
  • -Q ,
    Abort conversion after n seconds. Only available on Unix. 如果运行时间超时则退出。


PDF Parameters:

PDF device global parameters:

fontdir= a directory with additional fonts 指定字体目录, 与1级参数的-F相若

font= an additional font filename 增加额外的字体文件

pages= the range of pages to convert (example: pages=1-100,210-) 指定页面范围,与1级参数的-p相若

zoom= the resolution (default: 72) 指定分辨率,默认为72dpi

languagedir= Add an xpdf language directory 增加一个xpdf的语言目录,对非西欧字符有用

multiply= Render everything at the resolution 在几倍分辨率下渲染

poly2bitmap Convert graphics to bitmaps 把其中的图形转成点阵

bitmap Convert everything to bitmaps 把所有内容转成点阵(包括字体)

SWF Parameters:

SWF layer options:

jpegsubpixels=<pixels> resolution adjustment for jpeg images (same as
jpegdpi, but in pixels) jpeg图片的分辨率

ppmsubpixels=<pixels> resolution adjustment for lossless images (same
asppmdpi, but in pixels) 无损图片的分辨率

subpixels=<pixels>     shortcut for setting both
jpegsubpixels and ppmsubpixels 快速设置上两个参数

convert everything to shapes (currently broken) 所有都转成图形

ignoredraworder         allow to
perform a few optimizations for creating smaller SWFs 允许执行一些小优化

linksopennewwindow   make links open a new browser window 链接打开新窗口

target window name of new links       新链接窗口的名称

linkcolor=<color)        color of links
(format: RRGGBBAA)    链接的颜色

linknameurl         Link buttons will
be named like the URL they refer to (handy for iterating through links with
actionscript) 链接名称与链接URL一致

storeallcharacters      don’t reduce the fonts to used
characters in the output file 保存所有的字符字体

switch on zlib compression (also done if flashversion>=7) 使用zlib压缩

store the bounding box of the SWF file in actionscript variables 在as中保存swf的区域大小

Take care to handle dots correctly 保存单点显示

reordertags=0/1     (default: 1) perform some tag
optimizations 执行某些tag优化

internallinkfunction=<name> when the user clicks a internal link (to a
different page) in the converted file, this actionscript function is called 内部链接函数,如果点击一个内部链接,将调用该actionscript函数

externallinkfunction=<name> when the user clicks an external link (e.g.
http://www.foo.bar/) on the converted file, this actionscript function is
called 外部链接函数,如果点击一个外部链接,将调用该actionscript函数

disable_polygon_conversion never convert strokes to polygons (will remove
capstyles and joint styles) 不要将笔画转成多边形

caplinewidth=<width>        the
minimum thichness a line needs to have so that capstyles become visible (and
are converted)           线条最低转换宽度,比这个细的线条将不转换

put an ActionScript “STOP” tag in every frame 在swf的每个桢中添加stop()函数

add a “protect” tag to the file, to prevent loadingin the Flash editor 增加protect标签,禁止在flash中加载该swf

flashversion=<version> the SWF fileversion (6) 设置最低swf版本

framerate=<fps>         SWF
framerate 设置桢率

minlinewidth=<width> convert horizontal/vertical boxes smaller than
thiswidth to lines (0.05)将宽度少于某值的矩形转成线条

simpleviewer     Add next/previous buttons to the SWF 使用简单的导航

animate           insert a
showframe tag after each placeobject (animate draw order of PDF files) ???

jpegquality=<quality> set compression quality of jpeg images 设置jpeg的压缩质量

splinequality=<value> Set the quality of spline convertion to value
(0-100, default: 100). 设置样条曲线的转换质量

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